Digital and Social Selling Professional Training

Digital and Social Selling Professional Training – (DSS Training)

Everyone is selling something- an idea, a product, a service, infact, you sell yourself. Think about it!.

So don't you think selling has become the No.1 Skill you should develop?

But today, with the fierce competition around and the pressure to close deals fast, the question is: How do you make your voice heard?

Digital & Social selling is the solution- it helps build relationships/prospects, up-skill you on how to close deals and grow sales for you.

By only committing 5% to 10% everyday time in social selling, salespeople who use digital and social selling outperform their peers by 78%. This is a fact!

Welcome to the journey of Success!

The Professional Training in Digital & Social Selling is aimed at:

Anyone who sells anything and looking to develop their digital sales capabilities and consolidate their practical application of digital tools and social selling techniques.

  • Salespeople, Executives, Consultants and Sales Representatives of all levels.
  • Business Development Executives and Managers.
  • Account Managers, Relationship Managers and those leading sales teams.

78.6% of sales people using
social media to sell, out-performed
those who weren’t using social media.

Through dynamic video presentations, and practical learning activities including tutorials and exercises, you will acquire a hands-on learning experience that will enable you to devise and execute an advanced digital and social selling strategy.

Class discussions that dissect practical and live sales experiences.
Real-world sales case-studies.

Technology is a double-edged
sword. Just as sales people are moving
into the future, buyers are already
ahead of us.
Koka Sexton, LinkedIn

JVmorris has collaborated with digital industry experts to design and develop a structured course tools and complementary learning materials that are informed by essential innovative techniques and best practices in digital & social selling.

After completing the Professional Training in Digital & Social Selling, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to master the fundamentals of enhancing and building relationships with customers & prospects using digital & social technology
  • Reduce lead times and nurture leads to have quicker closed deals and patronage.
  • Learn how to start generating pipelines immediately, learning how to segment those opportunity so you are focused on the one that are the most interested.
  • Increase your conversion rate.
  • Develop your online brand.
  • Simple tips on how to engage prospects with contents.
  • Understanding the social selling universe.
  • Ensuring client/customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • You learn how to better research customers or prospects so that when you do talk to them whether by phone, or email or social tools, your talk track is much more contextual and leads to a logical next step..
  • Understand how to lead the implementation of a digital sales strategy in your organization.
  • Increasing your social selling index (SSI).

Research shows that SSI leaders have 45% more
opportunities per quarter and are 51% more
likely to hit quotas than SSI laggards.

The Professional training in Digital & Social Selling focuses on the tools and skills you need to sell efficiently, achieve quota and attain selling success.

There are five modules in the professional training:

1. Introduction
The Modern B2B Buyer's Journey.
Digital Selling & Social Selling, understanding the difference.
Difference between digital sales and digital marketing.
Industry Insights.
Why is Social Selling Important?

2. Digital Transformation for Sales
The Role of Sales Today.
Discovering your Status and Roadmap for Digital Transformation.
Benefits of Social Selling.

3. How To Use Social Selling At Every Stage of The Buyers' Journey
Understanding the Stages of Traditional Sales Process.
Apply Modern Social Selling Drivers?
Social Selling Global Success Statistics.

4. How To Get Started With Social Selling
The Core Strategy/Elements of Social Selling.
Sales Enablement.

5. How To Measure Social Selling
The Role of LinkedIn Navigator.
Social Selling Index(SSI) Performance.
Improve Your SSI & Celebrate Success.

TRAINING MATERIALS: Practical Learning Videos + E-Books (PDF)

82% of prospects can be
reached via social media.

Gaining a digital and social sales training will assure you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel as a digital sales professional. Through a series of comprehensive, structured modules you will know how to integrate key digital practices into your selling techniques and measure and iterate the success of your digital and social selling strategy.

Duration: Two (2) Saturdays, total 15 Hours.

Class Size: Ten (10) Per Class.

Over 70% of B2B purchase decision makers
use social media to help them decide


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