Businesses face challenges from the increasing pace of innovation in public awareness, the fragmentation of audiences, and rising marketing and advertising costs. With this understanding, JVmorris help companies, brands and SME manage the situation of developing compelling ad captions on our websites through the use of dynamic and effective technology. “A recent study suggests that sixty-plus percent of all ads placed at website fail to connect with the short attention spans of the cyber visitors and are, consequently, effectively ignored”.  With JVmorris, your ad caption compels the visitors hence increasing brand awareness, sales and profits!


Why Advertise on JVmorris Website

  • Our e-Ad is competitive and affordable: Our advertising platform is extremely noticeable by large visitors, over 2000 per week. We display your brand logo with a direct link to your website at a minimal cost.
  • The ad is short and it pack a punch. A creative ad consisting of about fifteen to twenty words can be a good deal more effective than an ad twice or three times the above length.
  • Our ad-position provokes the reader to take action or reach a decision that will result in patronizing your products/seeking advice details with respect to your service or result in a happy ending
  • We guarantee that the reader’s attention is sufficiently captured.
  • We are creative with the use of imaginative graphics for the purpose of visual attraction.

Need help with making your Product, Business Service or Brand go public? Please talk to us for help on most suitable ad-caption for you & your Business.