0 + 0 =1


It’s the way we do it that makes all the difference.

We developed the business index (0 + 0 = 1) that is central to everything we do.

It simply means “nothing but an Idea”.

ZERO plus ZERO equals ONE (0 + 0 = 1) approach recognizes that potential starters of business and business owners operate in such a competitive environment and under fierce conditions which place restrictions on their idea leaving them with the fear of starting-up or business expanding. At JVmorris, we help analyse the gains and pitfalls behind your idea. We help you see the strength and weakness lurking around your idea and design flexible interventions in response to such restrictions with the aim of producing the best possible results in a delivery format that works for you.  Basically we “think for you on the feasibility of your idea” or “on the success of your business expansion plan” .

Come to us, even without the start-up cost let us help you diagnose your Idea, Identify & Implement the best practice fast because Time is never ever a luxury. Whether you are working now and have plans to start your business or otherwise. You are welcome anytime.
We call this the JVmorris Innovation Index, “nothing but an idea”

We help idea move from ambition to achievement!

Do you seek help on how to creatively convert that idea into business and market reality? We will be glad to hear from you, visit us today, drop us a mail, or call: +234 8183 90 30 60, +234 816 7530 177.

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