Business Analysis


We take pleasure in meeting with our clients.

JVmorris strive to understand your idea, plan, business goals, resources and suggest ways by which re-design and improvement can be made. analysis

We make sure we define your business needs by documenting the right requirements.

We create solutions at all cost, reduce waste and deliver the projects on time.

JVmorris analyses the business problems/challenges at all levels of business, government and non-profit.

Our Analytical skills, ability to communicate with all levels of management and  select the best workable solution is a work of art on your business plans and idea.

JVmorris Business Analysis approach are:

  • Planning Strategically- the Analysis of the entity’s business strategy
  • Operating Business Model Analysis- the definition and analysis of the organisations policies and market models
  • Process definition and design- business process modelling usually done through process modelling and design
  • IT/Technical business Analysis- the interpretation of business rules and requirements for technical systems (usually information technology)
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