In February 2005, I incidentally met a high school friend, Wale. He looked so good– wearing a beautiful leather pair of stock shoes, well scented cologne, quality designer’s shirt and a number of observations.

We wanted to catch up so we stood talking for over 45 mins, we talked about almost everything work and business … To fast forward, we scheduled another appointment while we exchanged contacts and promised to catch up for the rest especially with career and family plans.

Honestly, I got home that night and I felt bad, perhaps somehow because I had the feeling that Wale was doing far better than me. . [Can you relate with me on this kind of feeling?] I had a restless night racking my brain to understand the gap between us. No, No, I didn’t judge myself on the basis of his appearance, we actually talked, and after-all my guts tells me that he wasn’t faking his looks.

But let me say that between 2000 and 2007 (7 years), I was doing my thing, I mean as an entrepreneur, I had worked practically with staffs, executives and directors of major the business sectors.

I had learnt some stuff the hard way- the pain of a lost deal, wrong moves, bad pitch, incapable feelings, negative reactions but of-course, I had also experience the joy of success especially in business and at work place.

Fast forward… Wale and I physically met again after one year, eight months. This time we had more than enough time to talk. Wale was the country head of sales and marketing for a big brand. And I was an entrepreneur with lots of experience in almost everything but I didn’t classify myself as being successful yet.

I was taken aback at the number of challenges and pressures Wale had to contend with at workplace and somehow I became his career counselor and coach. I encouraged him and took him through the transcendence of modern marketing and sales, a knowledge I had but didn’t know I’d unconsciously gathered from my experiences of the good, bad and ugly.
Four months later, Wale recommended three of his colleagues to meet me and after everything I thought I should brand this knowledge and put it into a small book.

I am not only giving a book, I want to give three more items/services absolutely free but the terms and conditions is that you must either be selling something or plan to sell something or you a marketing/sales executive.
The Gift Pack:
Free one(1) day paid/sponsored adverts for your business, products or services on Instagram/Twitter or Facebook depending on your preference.
b). One (1) Free month business consulting/counseling.
c). Free subscription to my Whatsapp business group to share and discuss business, idea and work issues.
d). The book, instead of Thirty Thousand Naira (NGN25,000), you get at Three Thousand Naira (NGN3,000) (Pay ONLY 12% to proof your commitment).

If this feels like something you’d like to take advantage of, then lets start, click here.

To your success!


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