5 Business Ideas That Are Worth Investing Amid Covid 19 Pandemic & Economic Challenge

What is this second wave of Covid-19 really about?
Stronger virus, airborne virus, resistant to vaccine or ……?

Could this also mean deeper threat to lives and livelihood – work, business and making money? Yes!

As the situation doesn’t seem to be improving very soon, with more people either out of jobs or getting the news of pay-cut; While almost every sector of the economy and business is enforced to look for alternate options; Everyone must also look for an option to survive.

Here are five (5) business ideas that are worth investing amidst COVID-19.

  1. Commercial cleaning service
    With health and staying safe on everyone’s minds, commercial cleaning service is a game changer.

    Propose to restaurants, salons & gyms, corporate offices, schools to clean and also disinfect their work space and other vulnerable areas within.

    Are you wondering how to propose or start? Take a schedule for help.

  1. Pickup, delivery and errand services
    Have you noticed more delivery bikes on the streets of popular cities, like Lagos? Delivery and errand business boomed during the pandemic!

    The pandemic has caused a lasting fear in the minds of people, with so many hesitant to leave their homes. So, getting involved in this growing industry could be as simple as creating your own independent courier service business, even if its one bike to start out, you deliver groceries and other essential items, or run errands such as picking and delivering food.

    How do I get funds to purchase a bike, How to get clients for this business and expand? Take a schedule for help.

  1. E-commerce
    There is a trillion dollar growth prediction of online market (E-commerce business). About $4.5USD trillion predicted as overall 2021 transaction.

    E-commerce was already booming before the pandemic but with more consumers’ choice for safety and comfort as the pandemic looms, you need to start your E-commerce business fast.

    E-commerce success stories:

    1. Jumia and Jumia pay– In the third quarter, Jumia’s payments volume reached €48 million—a 50% year-over-year increase.
    2. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Wealth growth during pandemic: +$90.1 billion (+79.8%).
    3. Alibaba founder Jack Ma, earned a record $1.5 trillion in 2020, more than the past five years combined.

    More middle class consumers are exploring online shopping, you need to start your E-commerce business fast.

    How do I set-up? What can I sell? Where can I buy from? Take a schedule for help.

  1. Healthcare Consultation/On-Demand Doctors/Nurses.
    With an increasing Covid-19 cases globally, doctors saw a 70% increase in consultations.

    Covid-19 may be called the new Malaria in Nigeria and in some countries of the world, but its no doubt that healthcare professionals are doing their best to take care of their patients.

    Whilst some nurses and doctors may be unfortunate to have contracted the virus, yet, more patients are in demand for medical consultation but there is a need for everyone to stay safe.

    Hence, developing a platform such as a web or mobile app where users can seek on-demand doctors, nurses and even other healthcare service providers seems to be a future-proof idea.

    How do I build the app? How do I market this platform? How do I make money from this business model? Take a schedule for help.

  1. ICT Services.
    Remote work applications, softwares and platforms- whether it is cloud based solutions, custom software solutions, web and mobile apps development, data analysis, other digital tools and most importantly, cybersecurity solutions and services – have been accelerated by the pandemic and have become high in demand.

    Companies are investing so much on ICT services to close the gap caused by the pandemic. No doubt, some employees will be sacked, some will go back to the office after the pandemic, not all will.

    Whilst tomorrow is uncertain as an employee, join the ICT delivery players.

    How do I start? Where do I seek knowledge? Take a schedule for help.


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