Some would say I’m a bad GUY just because I tell hundreds of total strangers my cousins’ business every day on Facebook.

I’ve amassed thousands of “friends” on the addictive online gossip mill, and I’ve never met or talked to most of them.

These so-called “friends” of mine could probably tell you what my cousins eat on most days, how they’re doing in school and what they love and loathe. Before my cousins were big and bold enough to articulate their embarrassment about it, sharing the days of our lives on Facebook used to feel good. Now that they’re older, more aware and pissed at me, it feels creepy and gratuitous.

But there are plenty more reasons to quit Facebook, and you should give them some serious thought, too.

Here they are:

1. Facebook makes you feel like your life sucks. Ever heard of Facebook induced FOMO ?, (It means Fear Of Missing Out). People generally post only the happy highlight reel of their lives on the narcissistic, 1.28 billion member social media forum. They tend not to gush about the darker, less jealousy-inspiring moments. No one likes a dispiriting or depressing experience on social media. This is what I observed: People who cruise Facebook too much often think that people in their news feed are happier, more successful and better than they are, which then causes them to be, yup, unhappy, at least according to this study and several others. Kill Facebook and get off the crazy train if you cannot handle it.

2. Pushy suggestions to meet friends. But Facebook’s “friend suggestions” algorithm wants you to be friends with them anyway. And not with just a few. In this case, the more isn’t always the merrier. Every day Facebook suggests I cozy up to people I’ve never heard of, many of whom are “friends” of my Facebook “friends,” along with a few blasts and ex’s from my past who I’d like to forget. Not to mention my cousin who passed away two years ago. I think I’m at peace with his passing too young, right up until Facebook reminds me that I haven’t, again and again. No thanks, pushy algorithm.

3. Your boss or some spy guys is watching. By now you should know that what you brag about on Facebook because it could cost you your job (and future jobs). We learned from Cynthia Osokogu killed by her facebook friends. RIP Cynthia. Perhaps she divulged too much info as mentioned in point 1.  Or teachers or role models fired for posting pics of themselves drinking alcohol or an indecent act. Remember, even if you tweak your privacy settings to avoid the ax, one of your “friends” could still put a bug in your boss’s ear about your activity on Facebook, even if you’re not nearly as badly behaved online as the people I mentioned.

4. You are not loved like you think. Facebook is wonderful at re-connecting lost friends and connecting new friends. But are they really friends? I thought  about it a couple of times and I wondered what it would be like without facebook reminder for your birthday and other celebrations, maybe these friends will simply forget you too. Take out your birth & wedding anniversary date to truly know your friends, you will be amazed.

5. You are less productive. Well, at least a bit. It’s no secret that Facebook is a massive time suck, one that can majorly undermine your productivity, especially at work. Snooping on others’ business and spilling your gut about yours on Facebook while you’re on the clock can put you or your boss company out of some good cash in productivity per year. Stop Facebooking already and get back to work.

6. Getting called out for Facebook oversharing in public.  You post a mushy, self-pitying confession admitting that you forgot your wedding anniversary… again; yet to take your bath or forgot to paste. Then, when you’re at the restaurant, or trying to get ice-cream, your neighbor spots you and razzes you about your shortcomings shares. Why shouldn’t he? You put your fail out there on Facebook for all to see. Maybe If you bail from Facebook, never again. 

Not to say facebook is 100% disadvantageous as it were but the advantage is just far too less,  maybe if you must stay on, a little bite on discipline should be cultivated.


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