10 Things To Do To help Start Your Idea/Business Rather Than Wishing or Dreaming

flat-web-badgesHave you noticed that somehow what you were thinking about got executed by some folks somewhere?
So you go…. Hmmm, I used to have that idea… or I that was exactly my kind of idea before….or Wow, someone stole my idea…

Hold on, no one stole your idea, you were just dreaming, and everybody too dreams, the only difference is perhaps, they woke up earlier and took executable actions.
“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep ~Walt Disney Company”

Although from an outsider looking in, it may seem daunting and fearful to start your own business, owing to the uncertainty right? It’s not! Plenty of people with lesser skill sets, resources and time, from all walks of life and of all ages have been through this before by simply putting one foot in front of the other. Like anything, entrepreneurship or owning your business and being in control can be a taught and learned skill.

Before we get into the list, I want to help you overcome a basic obstacle. You may be asking what business can I possibly start. Here’s a cool idea that I’ve seen before: On any of your social media wall, ask the question,
“If you could come to me for advice on one subject, what would it be?” Whatever topic has the most “advice” suggestions, start that type of business. People already see you as an expert on that topic, and it’s most likely something you’re passionate about.

Here are some actions you can take and start that business you’ve always dreamed about:

1. Be Specific
To dream is easy.
In fact you may have over ten (10) dreams and ideas, but in reality, you can only start each one at a time. So strip down your goals, pick one, focus and start.

2. Resist Fear
You will keep dream instead of living your dreams if you don’t fight fear.

Acknowledge fear whenever you feel it but don’t let it paralyze you by asking yourself this: What’s the worse when I start, after-all we’ll all retire to do our thing one-day; And If I don’t start, I’ll remain in the same position to meet again what I deferred because of fear.

Like a flower, the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it tool to blossom.

When you are ready to blossom, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

3. Be Simple
Sometimes our temperament come to play and make us feel everything have to be perfect. No! No!! Not necessary.

What is to be perfect should be your product or your specific service, every other thing related to aesthetics can come gradually as you go along. For example, Opening a Fast-food or a Shawarma stand: You’d naturally worry about the cart, menu, name, decorations etc… But the first thing you should worry about is the preparation and how to get a good taste out there. Everything other thing is secondary and later, that way you’ll find starting much easier and simpler.

4. Don’t try to start from scratch
Why reinvent the wheels when you can steal or copy, re-work and re-apply?

Pablo Picasso put it as “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

First, why build from scratch when you can rent, lease or better yet, use at no or low cost.
Second, why reinvent the wheels when you can search out people who have been successful at what you are trying to accomplish. Study these people, there’s a lot to learn- take not of their do’s and don’t s.

As you spend time studying them, you can then use all the knowledge to help your next decision.

5. Talk to people
No matter how fantastic your idea is, you need people.
People to critic, people to support funding, people to market, people to patronize and people to keep coming over and over again. First, tell people about the idea or about the business you are about to start and do not be weary because someone could steal your idea, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Second, something happens when you tell, they ask non-bias questions and offer objective advice and ideas, make introductions etc.

6. Be focused and track progress
One of the great way or tool to achieve this is to build a plan, more like a business plan with milestone and set due dates. You need to be disciplined and resilient remembering action #2.

Harvey MacKay once said, “A dream is just a dream, a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

So what will be the component of the plan?
First keep in mind that a plan do not have to be a lengthy kind of voluminous document, the basics are describe your business idea and let be clear on paper, this will help make it clear on your head and mind; How do you want to achieve it? Who are your market? Then the money part. It’s like preparing for a professional exam, you know when to sleep, set the alarm, read, how long to read for, what to read on etc.

7. Be accountable
Perhaps this is clear, whilst you tell friends and family about your dream, be accountable when they generously follow up with you. Or you may task them to kindly check on you as set on your plan/due dates

8.Get to Work
Be resilient, persistent, relentless, aggressive and work.
Work out your plan and push yourself to do it when you feel like and when you don’t feel like.
The results may be slow and steady, keep working.

9. Treat yourself to something
Every time you hit a milestone, stop and give yourself some treats, it could be as small as high five.
Although you may not be exactly where you want to go, you definitely not where you started-off.

Always take a deep breath of accomplishment and take that opportunity to encourage yourself, it will be like propellant to accomplish the goals ahead.

10. Get your expenses down as possible
Sometimes the easiest way around this is to get a part-time job if you found any just to help alleviate financial pressure and pay your bills in the event that you have a lean savings or you have just quit a job.
In the end, keep your expenses down to accommodate your reality and new life.

10 Things To Do To help Start Your Idea

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