15’65 Business Secrets: for startup and owners

flat-web-badgesThis e-book aims at simplifying the daunting task in starting a business, much less to mention the challenges of running an existing venture.

The 15’65 concept demonstrate the 15 pillars guide and the 65 strategies you should observe to attain success.

With a to-do-list of idea development, getting money, marketing, selling,  book-keeping to tax knowledge etc. It covers all!


The Contents:
1: Think Business, Think Opportunity
2: Create A Successful Business Plan
3: Finding Your Target Audience/Market
4: The Name Game- Choosing a name for your business.
5: Should I Incorporate Or Not Incorporate
6: Finding Best Advisors For Your Business
7: Money Hunt- Searching for Funds?
8: Finding A Location
9: Equipping your Business
10: Hiring the Smart and Right People
11: Protecting your Business
12: Marketing Smart (sound like the smartbcampers)
13: Selling, Selling & Selling
14: Keeping Your Business Books & Finances
15: Smart Tax Matters & Tips

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